I’m the webmaster here and you can call me skannie. Thats my name on Barbara Sher’s bulletin boards and I’m @skannie on Twitter too. The sk is for Slovakia, where I live most of the time now, and the other bit is my real name. Well officially its Anne but I like it when people add the “i” because it sounds friendly. I’m English, in spite of my central European residence and Irishy accent.

I also have the Twitter name @scannertribe
which is meant specifically for discussions relevant to scanners and this website, (but sometimes I forget which name I’m signed in under)

I shed tears when I discovered Barbara Sher and read her description of a scanner personality. It explained so much about me and my life. That’s a very common reaction, especially when people read her book Refuse to Choose.

Barbara is a scanner too, and it’s her mission to raise awareness about people like us. She wants to rescue as many scanners as possible from lives of frustration, boredom, isolation and misunderstanding. I’ll be very happy if this site helps a bit with the rescuing.

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  1. Kaliya
    04 February 2015 at 15:08

    I am a terrible scanner.
    That website is only one of many that I have as I could not focus
    one one subject.
    I would love to be in touch with other scanners.
    I do have a question:
    I would love to do a blog ( that pays) but everyone says you have to focus on one subjsct. I would love to have just ONE blog that cvan talk about ALL the stuff I love. Is this possibe? Would I actually get any sponsors or readers? Help!!

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