A Scanner’s Guilty Pleasures – Part 2

This is the fun part, because the main inspiration for me to write these guilty pleasure posts was finding three delightful YouTube videos of Stephen Fry talking about his various “guilty pleasures”.

Stephen is best known as an English media personality who has done an enormous variety of work in TV, film, radio, theatre and printed media. He’s also a technology and gadget lover, who was the second person in the UK to own a Mac computer. He had a huge following on Twitter long before Oprah had heard of it, and he does all his own tweeting. He travels all over the world too, and is interested in linguistics and wildlife conservation.

He’s beginning to sound rather like a Scanner, isn’t he? I have no idea whether he’s familiar with Barbara Sher’s work, or her name for people with many interests, but he’s often described as a renaissance man or polymath, which have much the same meaning. You can even join a Facebook group called Stephen Fry: Polymath, Raconteur, Genius that was set up by one of his fans.

So I’d like you to watch these videos and see whether you think he’s a Scanner, and whether his guilty pleasures are anything like yours. They’re from a 2007 BBC TV programme called Stephen Fry: Guilty.

Unfortunately those Stephen Fry videos are no longer officially available, so I’ve removed the blank video players. But you might be able to find them unofficially posted on YouTube.

For those who didn’t get to see them, some of his guilty pleasures are: watching darts matches, reading historical romances by Georgette Heyer, swearing, talking gibberish, writing poetry (but purely in private), watching a TV word game called Countdown, and listening to the music of Abba, Wagner and Led Zeppelin.

You can read about all his other less guilty pleasures at The New Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry

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