Articles About the Scanner Personality

Here’s a selection of articles from various sources that discuss the Scanner personality type, also known as a polymath or renaissance soul.

Whichever label is used,  they are all talking about people who have too many interests to be satisfied with specialising in only one of them.

Are you a Scanner or Deep Diver? – from the Think Differently blog

Why Settle for Just One Path? – from the Success from the Nest blog

Lawyers with Renaissance Souls: if a polygon is a dead parrot, what’s a polymath? – from the Idealawg blog

Scanner Personality – from the RetroAlchemist blog

Case of Sustained Interest Deficiency, or a “Renaissance” soul – from the Naples Sun Times

Is it time to ask different questions? – from

Do you think any of those articles are describing you?

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1 comment for “Articles About the Scanner Personality

  1. 17 August 2010 at 01:18


    I’m so glad I discovered Barbara Sher’s book. It helps with managing the guilt I feel for not being able to pick one thing to do.

    I’m another scanner who blogs, I use my blog in place of the “daybook”.


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