Welcome to the Scanner Tribe!

This is a home for people with so many interests they can’t choose just one to specialise in.

Scanner is the name Barbara Sher invented when she wrote about us in her books I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What it Was and Refuse to Choose. Others have called us Renaissance men & women, da Vinci personalities, polymaths, multipotentialites, generalists, people with too many aptitudes, Jacks (& Jills) of all trades, eclectics, dilettantes or flakes.

Some of those labels aren’t very complimentary. Many people with scanner personalities have spent a lifetime thinking there was something wrong with them. But it’s not true. It’s just that our brains work differently from most other people’s.

You might be a scanner if you hate people saying this kind of stuff to you:

You’ve got too many interests. You can’t do them all.

When are you going to settle down and get on with your career?

Why don’t you finish one thing before you start another?

Oh not another one of your half-baked schemes!

You need to pick just one market and focus on a small segment of it.

You can’t spend all your life wandering from place to place.

No you can’t do art & science and languages. You have to choose.

Well they are all wrong.

You don’t have to choose or settle down or stop wandering. You can design a life that suits your multi-talented, curious nature.  And you don’t need to feel weird or isolated any more. There are other people in the world who understand you because they are scanners too.

The aim of this site is to gather scanners together, help us communicate with each other, and provide us with information and resources to help us lead fascinating and satisfying scanners’ lives.

And maybe all our scanner brains together can help improve the world for other people too.